3Brief Introduction about Incompatibility ofDifferent Type of Compatible Toner Powder


In recently years, there is a rapid developmentof copier compatible toner powder. More and more different types of compatibletoner powder from different suppliers with high quality are launched in themarket, which promotes the development of copier compatible field.

       However, with the development of differenttypes of compatible toner powder, there happened some problems. We met suchkind of problem last year. A client bought a piece of drum unit from us forquality testing. When he tested our drum unit with his first toner cartridge,the period of the first toner cartridge is normal and the test pages were veryperfect. But when he run out of the first toner cartridge and replace thesecond toner cartridge, there happen serious black background. Then ourtechnician studied and tested it and finally found that the suppliers of thecompatible toner powder are different between the compatible toner powder fromthe second toner cartridge and the compatible toner powder from the first tonercartridge, which made the compatible toner powder from the first tonercartridge which remained in the developer unit incompatible and mismatching withthe compatible toner powder of the second toner cartridge.

       Why will this kind of problem appear? Thereason is that all type of compatible toner powder from different supplierswill only make the match test with the original toner powder. Take A supplierand B supplier as an example, toner powder from A supplier will be 100%compatible with the original toner powder; toner powder from B supplier willalso be 100% compatible with the original toner powder; however, there willhappen some incompatibility problem by mixed use compatible toner powder from Asupplier and compatible toner powder from B supplier.

       If incompatibility problem happen, such asblack background, printing all black version for about 50 to 100 pages, andduring the process and running out of the toner powder which remain in thedeveloper unit, or replacing the developer and toner powder can solve theproblem.

      In view of the incompatibility betweentypes of toner powder from different suppliers, we put forward somesuggestions.

First: Only using one supplier’s toner powderwhen using drum unit.

Second: Using original toner powder.

Third: Telling your supplier of drum unitabout what type of toner powder you usually use and which supplier of thecompatible toner powder from. Let the supplier of drum unit to do the match test.

Fourth: Buying drum unit together with thetoner powder or toner cartridge from one supplier.

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